Sunday, January 24, 2010

You've got to be kidding me!

I had a lovely evening out last night. Despite the overall wonderfulness, I must say that I was shocked (shocked!) by the general disregard for movie theatre etiquette displayed by movie-goers in White Marsh, MD.

We went to see The Lovely Bones -- Stanley Tucci's turn as a completely disturbing (is there any other kind?) serial killer. The movie was well-made, and I think I would've possibly enjoyed the performances, except for the ridiculous crowd.

Teenagers. Boatloads of teenagers -- the worst of whom were escorted out of the theater before the show started -- who apparently had nothing better to do on a cold Saturday night in January but sit in a movie theater, and demonstrate the fact that they clearly were raised without manners.

It did, to their credit, make a potentially scary movie less scary -- but it also was a generally disappointing commentary on 'kids today' -- and their parents, for that matter. Note to self: maybe the polite people go to matinees ...

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Erin said...

Plus, matinees are cheaper ... :)