Saturday, November 28, 2009

And how.

There was pie. Lots and lots of pie. In fact, I may begin going into withdrawal once the last two pieces that managed to find their way into my fridge are gone.

We had pumpkin, pecan, a really delicious apple pie, and then the really spectacular parts (though I think the apple gets to go on that list ... ) -- a bourbon-pumpkin cheesecake with a really amazing pecan crust, and a Rum Cream Pie.

The Rum Cream Pie was straight out of the Colonial Williamsburg Cookbook, and is obviously not a 'new' sort of recipe -- there's a reason that things get handed down from generation to generation; this thing was incredible! Light, creamy and holy rum, Batman! This is a keeper, and thanks very much to C.'s family for hooking us up.

But -- pie aside, it was really wonderful to see my O'cousins, and to have all of us together at Grandma's house. I hope we can get together on another happy occasion again soon.

Also -- a shout out about New Moon, which was shockingly not-bad. Its predecessor having been so, well, laughably terrible, I wasn't expecting much (save of course for Taylor Lautner's ridiculously age-inappropriate body), and I was pleasantly surprised. I'd also like to say that the Regal Cinema at Snowden Square in Columbia, MD is about the worst organized movie theater I've ever been to. Damn, man -- get it together.

So, what am I up to now? Two things.

The Great Rice Crispy Bar Adventure of 2009 started today, and pictures are forthcoming.

Second, I'll be counting the minutes till I can make this for Christmas Eve dessert.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time for pie.

The facts of the case:

- It is almost Thanksgiving.
- Pie is an important staple of my family's holiday gatherings.
- I *love* to bake.
- We're eating Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant and dessert at home -- pie will be the only homemade part of the holiday celebration.
- I like to show off with baked goods (just a little).


It's time for pie. Seriously.

So far, the plan includes a traditional pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie and a Rum Cream pie, 'cause that's something C's family makes, and it sounds pretty awesome (rum? heavy cream? sugar? buttery graham cracker crust? what's not to like?!).

Here's my dilemma. There are (only) 11 people attending this holiday extravaganza, and I've already got four pies in planning stages -- and I really want to make a pumpkin-bourbon cheesecake, too.

I feel like that scary skinny blond lady from the early 90s is going to pop out and tell me to 'stop the insanity' but since there won't be any real-food leftovers, how terrible would it be to send everyone home with some dessert for later?

I'm thinking extra foil pie plates for take-home slices, and perhaps this gem, as well.

And -- if you're going to be in central Jersey, and in need of dessert on Thursday, let me know. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wild turkeys.

This isn't *exactly* what I saw this morning, 'cause there was no field or grass on I-95 near the Philadelphia Airport ... but it's a pretty good approximation.

Wild turkeys. Fighting. On the side of 95 northbound, right by the airport.

I'm shocked that there weren't any accidents, with everyone whipping their heads around to see the turkeys.


Incidentally, I'm fond of wild turkeys as a species; there was a flock in Brown Co., IN, and when I was doing a lot of driving back and forth to North Vernon, I'd see them pretty consistently, and was always glad they stayed nicely in the fields.

two young male wild turkeys fighting

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Feverish ...

No, not the Phillies pursuit of a repeat World Series victory (though I will be watching off and on tonight, and hoping for a Game 7). Ask me why I care -- seriously. It's a great story.

Me. I'm feverish. It seems to be coming and going -- 100 degrees on Monday, fine yesterday, sick overnight, rallied for work from 11 - 5, and then 100 degrees at the end of the day. By the time I got home, around six, it was 97.8, which is just a tiny bit above where I usually run.

For goodness' sake.

So, I'm pushing fluids, taking a homeopathic flu/cold remedy, and hoping that I'll kick whatever this is that's haunting me in the next 12 hours.

In the meantime, I have visions of rice crispy treats dancing in my head. Can someone please bring these over?