Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time for pie.

The facts of the case:

- It is almost Thanksgiving.
- Pie is an important staple of my family's holiday gatherings.
- I *love* to bake.
- We're eating Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant and dessert at home -- pie will be the only homemade part of the holiday celebration.
- I like to show off with baked goods (just a little).


It's time for pie. Seriously.

So far, the plan includes a traditional pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie and a Rum Cream pie, 'cause that's something C's family makes, and it sounds pretty awesome (rum? heavy cream? sugar? buttery graham cracker crust? what's not to like?!).

Here's my dilemma. There are (only) 11 people attending this holiday extravaganza, and I've already got four pies in planning stages -- and I really want to make a pumpkin-bourbon cheesecake, too.

I feel like that scary skinny blond lady from the early 90s is going to pop out and tell me to 'stop the insanity' but since there won't be any real-food leftovers, how terrible would it be to send everyone home with some dessert for later?

I'm thinking extra foil pie plates for take-home slices, and perhaps this gem, as well.

And -- if you're going to be in central Jersey, and in need of dessert on Thursday, let me know. :)

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