Saturday, May 16, 2009

Magic numbers ...

There are lots of different kinds of magic numbers, and no, I'm not referring to that which the phrase often refers. What I'm really interested in is as follows:

How long is long enough? 

It's a question that merits consideration in a variety of arenas -- but let's just consider the "how long since you broke up with your ex?" scenario.

How long should it be before you're considered date-able again? A month? Three months? Six months? What about a year?

I know it's relative and subjective and all of that vague stuff, but there must be some kind of curse-has-been-lifted kind of timeline. 

'Cause I got asked today "how long it had been" (it's been a year -- almost precisely), and I suddenly felt like maybe it wasn't long enough, and that there might've been a wee bit of judgement.

And then I realized that I'm just the teensiest bit over-sensitive, and that maybe it was really just a question.  Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, you know.

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