Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pins & needles

Kind of literally.

Not as in straight pins and sewing needles, but as in that half-asleep feeling in your foot after too long in lotus position. 

But in my hands. Both of them. Kind of like gloves -- prickly, pins-'n-needles, invisible gloves, whenever I'm touching or holding anything. 

Yes, I do think this is of at least mild medical interest, and yes, I've already made appointments, and scheduled tests.

However, the point is not the pins-'n-needles feeling in my paws, but the psychic pins and needles that I've been waiting on for the past 12 years -- ever since the first doctor said, "sounds like you have fibromyalgia." Now, granted, I wrote off that opinion largely on the basis of a) no actual medical evaluations having been conducted, and b) the doctor in question knowing an awful lot of family history, that while relevant, was probably prejudicial, and c) the lack of actual medical tests confirming said diagnostic utterance. Did I mention that there were no medical tests? Not even an ANA or an RF level? (Oh, I guess I did.)

There have been such tests since, though, and they've been largely inconclusive, due to my totally wacky thyroid. But, I figure, sooner or later, the other shoe will drop. 

So here I am, likely totally blowing tingling hands out of proportion -- what? don't your hands tingle for four days at a time? -- and fearing the worst.

This is what's been on my mind. However, there have been several delightful distractions in the past few days, and I'll mention those now, in lieu of more belly-aching.

- getting flowers at work. The card said "Happy Tuesday." That pretty much rocked my day -- as did the flower-giver's later appearance.

- catching up with a friend that I've been seriously missing, though I'd have picked a cheerier topic if I'd been choosing.

- the fabulous posts at Smitten Kitchen and The Pioneer Woman. Hello, Deb & Ree: will you be my friends?

- excellent weather. Finally.

- visiting my grandma on Saturday. It made her so happy.

- OPI's 'Magnifico Mexico.'

- digital cable, coming soon to a TV near me on Sunday. I caved. I'm buying digital cable, though I only have to pay the difference between the digital and what's already included with my condo. I'm wicked excited about it -- on-demand, here I come!

-  fabulous, generous donations for my 3-Day walk! (Don't forget to click at right to give!)

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