Sunday, July 19, 2009

The most to say ...

Why is it that when you (and yes, by 'you,' I really mean 'I') have the most to say to someone or about something, the best that comes out is 'I don't know?'

But I *do* know. I have a whole dissertation on the topic! Geez, Katie, just spit it out already!

In emotionally unrelated news, my back hurts after my walk this morning. I think I twisted funny or something -- though, after the herniated disc drama of 2007, it doesn't really even take a twist to cause a potential problem. I'm hoping that being quiet & gentle (despite the shopping for group home decor that I need to go and do) -- and taking Advil like it's my job -- will get me back on track, without the need for more advanced intervention.

But first -- a shout-out to Walt's Flavor-Crisp Chicken and their amazing sweet potato pie.

Alright -- going to get that shopping done. Yuppie holy trinity: Target, Pier One & IKEA, here I come!

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