Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ode to air-conditioning and a clean house ...

Oh, air conditioning, how I miss thee.

No, seriously -- my A/C isn't working right; it's *working* (very hard, I might add), but not so much cooling the air. The ceiling fans are helping a lot -- thank goodness for that -- but the air blowing out of the vents? Not so much chilly.

I've let my landlord know, and it's the one time that I'm just a little glad that I don't own a house -- I am so not interested in footing an A/C repair bill right now!

Also -- my house is in desperate need of cleaning, or more properly, straightening. My back has been such a wreck that I've been coming in, setting down my things, and leaving them there, and that does *not* make for a serene, organized environment, or a happy Katie.

Ugh. Anyone want to send me a maid?

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