Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thanks and praise ...

First -- a big THANK YOU to my fabulous landlord for fixing my air conditioning! Ah, the lovely, lovely feeling of cool, de-humidified air, blowing about happily, making me not-so-agitated.

Praise -- to any deity to whom you wish to send gratitude -- be for the nerve block injections that I have scheduled for next Wednesday! I will be so very happy once the shooting pain down my legs and throbbing ache in my back are but a mere memory.

Also -- gratitude to the many wonderful, amazing friends, co-workers and family members who have dug into their hearts and pocketbooks, and helped to support my 3-Day trek. I'm only $624 from hitting the minimum fundraising goal, and $824 from my personal goal of $2500 ... and just think -- only $1324 from reaching $3000! (My basic math is pretty good -- I can keep going ... )

Check this out -- while I don't share all of the same food aversions, I definitely sympathize ...

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