Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost there ...

I'm actually heading out on a much-anticipated, much-needed vacation tomorrow, and despite my usual aversion to travel and everything that precedes it, I'm totally looking forward to this.

First of all, I'm not really 'traveling' per se, I'm just going *home.* Tomorrow evening, I start my trek for Bloomington, Indiana -- a little piece of paradise in the Midwest.

I'm so close to being there, other than geographically, that I can just about taste it. What does Bloomington taste like, you ask?

- Upland Dragonfly IPA
- Yogi's buffalo chips
- a burrito from Laughing Planet (ooh -- e: that's a perfect mid-walk lunch!)
- Special Eggs from the Village Deli
- a double-tall cappuccino from the Bakehouse
- and half a million other things that I'm sure I'll consume while I'm in town.

Calories don't count when you're *visiting,* right?

Despite the fact that this mentions nothing about the people that I'm just about dying to see, I can barely contain my excitement -- I don't get home often enough, and I'm always worried that I'm missing something great. And I probably am, just a little, 'cause Bloomington is a pretty remarkable place.

Does everyone equate 'going home' with tasty-treats-that-can't-be-had-elsewhere?

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