Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You can't go home ...

Well, you can, to some extent, but I guess the point is it's never what you expect, and it's never the same.

But the burritos are good.

Bloomington day 3 now, and lots of fun has been had -- and thanks to e., 14 miles were ticked off the walking schedule yesterday. I had certainly never seen that much of Bloomington on foot, so that was a big plus, as was the good company.

Today brings lunch with some of the Stone Belt gang, and hopefully, a shorter walk this afternoon. I'm thinking five miles -- perhaps down to the Bakehouse on the square for a lovely coffee beverage.

Breakfast plans for tomorrow morning and drinks plans for tomorrow evening -- all in all, not a bad way to round out the trip.

Heading back to Ohio on Friday to see Grandma & James, and then making a break for the East Coast on Sunday a.m. Early. Really, really early. Call me if you're up and bored ...

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