Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Great Rice Crispy Adventure of 2009

Regular people make rice crispy bars for their family. Mildly crazy people make rice crispy bars for staff at 11 group homes, on three separate shifts ... and a couple extra pans for the admin buildings -- 36 batches in total, in case you were counting. Since this was such a wacky way to spend a Sunday, I've chronicled the experience ... just in case you thought you needed a rice crispy bar fix.
First, the shopping experience ...

I'd been warned that the supermarket might not take kindly to
my photographic exploits, so I was totally slick with my phone. No one cared.

For the record, my shopping cart does not typically have that many bags of marshmallows in it ...

The goods. At home. It looks dramatic -- 'cause it was.

Just so you have a reference of the exact height of the pile o' cereal, Mousse thought he'd help ...

Yeah. It's still a lot of cereal.

Okay, okay -- on to the fun part. When regular people make rice crispy bars, these are the necessary ingredients:

What? You don't use
a whole stick
of butter?

You're missing out. Seriously.

For a while, it got a little sticky. Pretty much everything stayed in the pot ... yay for enameled cast iron!

Okay -- there was actually some progression from one pot to 36 pans. But you get the idea ...

36 pans of rice crispy bars later. Cost for all this marshmallow-y goodness? $105, including the foil pans, cereal, butter and marshmallows.

36 pans of rice crispy bars, packaged for work on Monday?


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