Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yuppie heaven.

I shopped at two of my three holy-trinity-of-yuppiness-stores this afternoon/evening, and just to round out the day, I did spend quite a while wandering around Barnes & Noble.

What's the holy trinity of yuppie shopping, you ask? I suppose it depends on the area and the social mobility of said yuppies, but in my little world, it's Trader Joe's, Target and IKEA. Maybe this set of stores is not so much for the yuppies (which I keep typing as yippies ... wonder what that means ... ) as it is for the 'we haven't quite moved beyond our grad school years' set. You see, when I look around at my lovely, mismatched & hand-me-down life, I think that my life is probably just about how it will continue to be.

My gut instinct is that I will always find better things on which to spend my money than matching living room furniture, though. Like books. And sporty shoes like these, or even these. And traveling to visit friends and family.

I need a new term to replace yuppie, though -- since it's meant to be 'young, urban professionals,' it doesn't quite suit. Suggestions?

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