Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad day.

I'm sad for my mom. She got some really bad news today at work -- basically, that she won't be working there anymore after Thursday, give or take -- and she's sad about it, because she's given so much of herself to the organization.

So -- if you're reading this, and you know my mom: send some love her way. 

3-Day update: still walking, and working on fundraising. If you're interested in donating, click on the 'donate now' bar on the right side of the page -- your support is very much appreciated. I'm currently at 22 miles/week, and there are about 30 weeks left until the walk. Lots of miles (and dollars) to go. 

In unrelated news, I'm in search of a lovely purple cocktail -- preferably one served in a martini or a rocks glass. Feel free to send suggestions. The Blackberry-Gin Smash sounded fabulous, but was a big disappointment. The Limoncello Sparkler, on the other hand, was a smashing success.

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cmk said...

Oh no. Horrible, horrible, horrible behavior by those folks.