Saturday, March 28, 2009


The two inevitable things: death and taxes, right?

I am so *not* a fan of paying taxes -- and having to file in multiple states. In 2006, I had to file in Indiana, Maryland and Delaware. In 2007, just Maryland and Delaware. And in 2008, Maryland and Delaware, as a part-year resident in both states. This requires math, which I generally avoid, and a level of attention to detail that I prefer to save for, oh, I don't know ... just about anything else.

Don't get me wrong -- I'd happily pay an extra $1000 in taxes every year if it meant that more children could go to bed fed every night, or have the health care they need, or that people with disabilities could get the services they need ... 

But the actual filing of taxes is a pain.

And I usually really like filling out forms and taking standardized tests. 'Cause I'm a geek.

I guess the good news is that I'm done till next year. :) 

Walking is temporarily derailed, as I get over the hacking cough that I managed to pick up on my trip to the Midwest. Fundraising, however, is not. I'll be calling the Hooters manager tomorrow afternoon to set up a meeting to talk about our fundraiser, and I'll also be printing out my envelopes to mail my ask letters tomorrow. Watch your mailboxes ... or save me the stamp, and click one of the widgets at right to donate online.

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