Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Two things that are weird.

- I never remember to use my food processor, but this evening I used it three times -- to make maple-vanilla truffle filling, chocolate-black-raspberry truffle filling, and to make sauerkraut balls. (The recipe I have, from back when my dad was going to write a cookbook, is slightly better than the linked one, and they're called "Barb's Balls." Tasteless name. Fabulous dish. Tell me if you want it ...)

- In the course of this crisis that my mom is experiencing, I'm feeling oddly reconnected to my ex/best friend, who I've missed very much for the last three years. Silver lining? Perhaps. Or just a temporary "helping with the chaos" kind of situation? Don't know. Ask me after the wedding -- we'll see how it goes. 

One thing that is not weird.

- I'm super excited for my friends Beth & Denise, who are getting married on March 21. They'll have been together for 11 years, that day. Amazing and wonderful, isn't it? 

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