Thursday, April 16, 2009

The cat ... and some general happiness ...

There's no particular point to this, except to say that I think the cat has a drinking problem. 

Well, maybe not ... but Mousse has discovered the top of the refrigerator. In fact, he's sitting there now, staring up at the ceiling (which is one one giant fluorescent light panel), looking for *something.*

Yay for the sunshine that's coming our way (it's supposed to be 73 this weekend).

Yay for Greek Easter.

Yay for friends that know that holidays are important, even if they're not holidays that you've ever heard of before.

Yay for my fabulous staff, rocking the DYFS licensing review yesterday. Love you guys!

Yay for the first official training walk of the season with my 3-Day team.

And a last, final yay for sushi, documentaries and surprises. Hmm. Unexpectedly great.

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