Sunday, April 26, 2009

Heading out ...

Training walk this morning -- should be right around seven miles, I think.

I'll be walking to the park on Polly Drummond by the Unitarian church & back. Check out the route here ... 

Should be a nice walk -- sidewalks all the way, and lots of stuff to look at. I'll be home around 11:ish, hopefully without any appreciable damage. :)

To do next weekend (as this weekend is almost over):

- buy backpack/camelback/hip-pack thing for walking (there are not enough pockets for all the stuff you need to carry!)
- check out shoes
- buy socks -- the breathable, wicking, padded, won't-cause-any-blisters kind

Yup. It's serious walking time, kids. Don't forget to click on the widget at right to donate.

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