Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A few good things ...

First -- and more importantly than anything I have to ramble about -- please check out Stacy's Helping Hands, and consider supporting low/no-cost accommodation for families of individuals receiving cancer treatments at Western Pennsylvania Hospital. You can read more about Stacy, her life, and her impact on others on the site, or on Cynthia's blog ... 

Here are a few good things about today, as always -- in no particular order:

- team meeting with my 3-Day team tonight. Fun and productive.

- I might have a date tomorrow night. Don't hold your breath or anything, though.

- I picked out new flooring for one of my oldest buildings today, which was very fun (even though I didn't entirely get exactly what I wanted, I'm really happy with it ... ) 

- yay, sunshine!

- new Netflix movies in the mail -- yay!

- baking cake for a birthday celebration at work tomorrow: Creme de Menthe Cake. Recipe to follow later ...

- funny email exchange with E. during which I was told that I should probably cut my hair, get some tattoos and consider ditching the sweater sets and pearls ... at least, if I don't want to have to marry for money (though I'm not ruling that out just yet). 

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