Thursday, April 2, 2009

Go 'Yoke!

I spent the evening at a college fair, which was good on multiple fronts. 

First, I saw my very favorite Wilmington high school senior, who walks Hadley a few afternoons a week, and we were able to catch back up now that I'm back in town, and get our dog-walking days back on track. Yay for that.

Second, I L-O-V-E love to talk about Mount Holyoke, so any opportunity for that is a good one. I met quite a few terrific girls who were both interesting and interested in the College, and it was fun to talk to them about the amazing, wonderful place that is Mount Holyoke. 

Lastly, upon leaving the fair, when my feet were killing me (didn't get to change into flats after work to be better prepared for the three hours of standing), I realized that I had running shoes in my car, which felt like the best thing ever.

Hopefully, it'll be nice tomorrow, and I'll be able to walk outside after work -- yay for spring weather and daylight savings. 

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