Friday, February 13, 2009


This was an interesting article from the NY Times Health section this morning re: possible treatment for breast cancer. 

Also, check out Laura's jewelry -- I love these earrings, and if I win them, they will be Cynthia's birthday present. 

I should be at work, as it's 10:20 on Friday a.m., but I'm waiting to go to a doctor's appointment (I've had the same headache for almost two weeks -- nothing helps, and despite my joking about the brain tumor, I think it's probably stress ... but now the stress is induced by the headache not going away), and then I'll go and deal with my 7th-grade-behaving coworkers. Blerg.

Training walk at King of Prussia mall on Sunday (fun!), meeting my new teammates on Wednesday (yay!) and bumping up to 12 miles next week (no problem!).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for participating and now I know about your blog! Sorry about the Mean Girls episode btw.