Sunday, February 22, 2009


It always mystifies me when people say that they love to travel. I get the interest in seeing new, different places, and experiencing new things. I like seeing new places, experiencing different activities and trying new food. 

But I HATE to travel. 

I'm getting ready (or should I say, putting off getting ready -- hence the post) to head to Florida tomorrow morning for work, and the very last thing that I want to be doing is getting ready to go to Florida tomorrow. I mean, the all-day meetings are a turn-off on their own, but not nearly as much as having to pack, leave the house, travel to the airport, deal with all the airport stuff, fly and then deal with the getting to campus, etc. I'm not afraid of flying (though the older I get, the more motion sickness troubles me), but I just don't like the whole process.

So, in the spirit of *not* getting ready to go, I've been reading, writing and doing everything *but* putting things into my suitcase.

- Check out this NYT editorial on gay marriage
- Maureen Dowd on Obama, Clinton & the complicated landscape of our current times.
- Reasons that the heat should *not* be kept below 65 ...

And lastly, check out the WOW profiles from the Class of 2000. Get ready, ladies, reunion is on its way!

Alright, alright -- I'll pack!

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