Monday, February 2, 2009

Too long

So, it's been a little while (okay a lotta while), but I've been busy -- unfortunately not with getting ready for the walk. Blerg.

I did, however, attend a Getting Started meeting on Saturday in West Chester (I used to think that I would be the kind of woman that lived in West Chester. I am decidedly not.), and that was inspiring and wonderful, and definitely reaffirmed my belief that I can do this.

However -- some things have gotten in my way in the past two weeks. And I'm getting back on the horse, I promise.

But I had dinner with my favorite college roommate (and one of my favorite people ever) last week, after not having seen her for SEVEN years (!), and then spent Saturday going to the Getting Started meeting in West Chester, and then having dinner with my other favorite person from college (Hi C!) and my favorite person who lives in Philadelphia. That was a good time. Seriously.

(Side note: many, many things and people are my favorites. I tend not to keep things in my life that are not my favorite of something. Truly. Almost every single thing in my house is my favorite something-or-other. And the people who stay in my life are my favorites, too. And also, they're good at keeping in touch. 'Cause I'm so not.)

So -- last week's training schedule, which I forgot to post, was the same as the week before. That would matter more if I had actually gotten to work out more than once last week. I did, however, get four miles in on Saturday (plus some city walking -- which maybe counted for a half a mile). Back on track this week.

M -- rest (thank goodness -- Secret Life of the American Teenager is almost on!)
T -- 2 easy miles
W -- cross train, 30 minutes
R -- 3 moderate miles
F -- cross train, 30 minutes
Sa -- 2 easy miles
Su -- 3 easy miles

Oh -- and if you've got restaurant suggestions for Center City, Philadelphia, send 'em my way!

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