Friday, January 23, 2009

Cheers and jeers

Cheers to:
- Barack Obama. In four days, he's signed orders to close Guantanamo, make presidential records accessible, end the ban on funding to groups that provide abortion services, and frozen pay increases for senior gov't staff. 

- Beyonce, who looked incredibly classy at the Neighborhood Ball, but also has become a fixture on my iPod with the song 'Single Ladies.'

- Fox's new show Lie to Me. I'm hoping that I'll pick up some tips for interviewing staff during investigations. I *know* they're lying, but I'm not sure how to prove it. Yet.

- Mount Holyoke's Alumnae Club of Delaware. It exists, I'm having lunch with some of the ladies tomorrow, and I'm excited.

Jeers to:
- the supervisor who gave an email I sent to her to one of her subordinates about whom the email was written, asking the supervisor to provide disciplinary feedback and questioning the veracity of the staff's call-out. Seriously? How did you think that would end but badly?

- American Idol for being mean to people who don't know that they're bad singers. Screen them OUT -- not in, for America to laugh at.

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