Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hot cocoa

So -- after my first outdoor training walk (man, it was cold -- only 34*!), I warmed up with some homemade hot cocoa this afternoon. Two thoughts on this.

First -- hot cocoa made with milk on the stovetop is one of life's small but great pleasures. Especially when you use a little salt and really good-quality vanilla. 

Second -- the new Hershey's (yes, I have Hershey's -- not something hoity-toity as some might predict) Special Dark cocoa powder makes delicious albeit unattractive cocoa. Dark chocolate flavor? Good. Muddy-gray cocoa? Less appealing. Try it for yourself and see what you think.

The training walk was good, though I can see that Hadley will not be a regular participant in them; the constant peeing (his, not mine) slows down the walking, and generally causes agitation (mine, not his). My pedometer seems to be a little off of the odometer in my car, and I would hazard that the car is probably more accurate. Good to know, though -- the pedometer registered about 1/4 mile less than the car did. 

This week's training schedule:

M: Rest
T: 2 easy miles
W: moderate cross train, 30 minutes
R: 3 moderate miles
F: easy cross train, 30 minutes
Sa: 2 easy miles
Su: 2 easy miles

Same as last week. All good.

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