Sunday, January 4, 2009

Week 40 and counting

This week's training schedule: 

M: rest
T: 2 easy miles
W: moderate cross train 30 minutes
R: 3 moderate miles
F: easy cross train 30 minutes
Sa: 2 easy miles
Su: 2 easy miles

Cake, right? Definitely. But this is week 40 ... counting down to week 1, and 70 miles total. 

A couple of the guys I work with are marathoners; it'll be interesting to talk about training with them, since their goal is similar, but radically different at the same time. 

In other news, ironically my dog-walker starts this week. Yes, in the midst of all of this walking talk, I'm going to start *paying someone else* to take Hadley on an extra walk a couple days a week. There are many reasons that this makes good sense, but putting it on 'paper' makes me sound a little crazy -- not that we should be entirely surprised by that revelation.

Off to the Y for a pre-walk-training workout. 

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