Saturday, January 17, 2009

By the numbers

Because I'm basically a nerd, here's a little summary of what getting ready for the 3-Day means, numbers-wise (well, and geographically & such ...).

1,035 = approximate number of miles of training
2,173,500 = approximate number of steps that equal those 1,035 miles
20,700 = approximate number of minutes that those 1,035 miles will take to walk
345 = approximate number of hours of walking
14.375 = approximate number of days of continuous walking
$569.25 = reimbursement for mileage if calculated at 2009 IRS rate
3 = pairs of shoes that I'll wear out
Des Moines, IA = about where I'd get to if I walked west
Sarasota, FL = about where I'd get to if I walked south
Halifax, Nova Scotia = about where I'd get to if I walked north (ooh, and then I could take the ferry to Prince Edward Island!)
Unfortunately, walking east isn't really an option from Delaware.

On the other hand ...

10 million = number of women around the world who could die of breast cancer in the next 25 years
$1.2 billion = dollars that have been invested in breast cancer research, education & early detection since 1982, thanks to the Susan G. Komen Foundation
1 in 2 = women that will develop bone or breast health issues in their lifetime

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